Supplier Portal

Simple and Efficient Collaboration with your Suppliers

CQuential’s Supplier Portal creates a collaborative environment for you to work closely with your customers and suppliers.

Management of orders between companies and their suppliers is often both resource intensive and complex. It is vital that the process is able to feed information back to marketing, sales, planning and logistics business units.

image001If the management of inbound orders are run on spreadsheets which are updated on a daily basis, without the ability to automatically raise exception alerts and share information throughout the company, processes become disjointed and decisions are sometimes made with limited knowledge of the current status.

The communication between the company and the supplier is done via a combination of fax, emails and phone calls and result in miscommunications.

image002The Supplier Portal is focused on creating a Collaborative Order Management environment where orders are managed between the supplier and the customer, communication between buyers and suppliers is supported in a single environment and provides a tool for the management and tracking of the inbound order cycle.

This product provides secure access to supplier transactions and creates synergy of data between you and your suppliers, allowing both parties to be on the same page, regarding all transactions.

Focus on Collaborative Order Management

Management of orders between the supplier and the customer is always tracked and can be accessed via a secure portal. This advanced solution allows for support of all communication between buyers, suppliers and transporters.

Supports communication between Buyers and Suppliers

Communication between buyers and suppliers is crucial to the advancement and success of your business. In the supplier portal, orders follow a defined lifecycle through a guided workflow that requires communication and authorisation from both buyers and suppliers. Comments and notes are recorded and history is stored against each and every transaction, allowing individuals to backtrack to specific transactions. Changes or discrepancies are highlighted, keeping buyers and suppliers constantly updated with processes and order management.

Management & Tracking of Orders and Shipments

With this supply chain management module, buyers and suppliers are assured that all orders follow a defined order cycle with all the required authorisations. All orders have a lifecycle with defined work flow and alerts which include order receipts, amendments, despatch dates and ETAs.  Buyers are notified and any exceptions have to be authorised prior to the process continuing. Shipments are tracked and changes validated through all stages of the process.

Visibility and interaction through order cycle

The Supplier Portal is designed for buyers, suppliers and carriers to interact at any given time. All steps of the inventory process are recorded and visible, from availability, to despatch and delivery information. Additional data such as product batches and container seal numbers can all be stored as part of the process and any necessary documentation attached. The portal also advises the supplier on ideal package quantities.

Through our cloud-based portal, buyers and suppliers have complete control over editing and sharing data and inventory position by location, all in real-time.


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