Delivery and Reverse Logistics Management

Delivery and Reverse Logistics Management – Focusing on the Last Mile

The CQuential Delivery and Reverse Logistics Management (DRM) module focuses on the last mile; providing visibility and managing all operations taking place between the warehouse and the customer.

The DRM module covers the following main areas:

  • Loading of vehicles
  • Communication of route information to drivers
  • Delivery management
  • Returns and collections
  • Debriefing of vehicles on return to warehouse
  • Driver management

Why Choose a Mobile Solution

A mobile solution assists your logistics and supply chain management in creating operational efficiencies by always being online and capturing data at source.

With this carefully developed mobile solution, your drivers and operators can be informed of all operations whether they are at base or on the road. Delivery processes can be enforced and assists with the management of your mobile staff and optimises accurate recording of data.

Technology includes cell phones, scanning, GPS, data, camera, card and computing which enables real-time visibility and information updates.

Benefits of a Mobile Solution include:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Process Compliance
  • Fast, efficient and accurate Data Receipt
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Provides visibility of progress and Predictability of service
  • Managing Drivers and Operators
  • Revenue Protection

Moving into the Digital World

This innovative mobile solution for your supply chain management includes a sign on glass confirmation of receipt. This includes a signature and date written in the receiver’s own hand. The data displayed is created instantly into a digital image.

This combined with metadata embedded in the graphic combine to provide a verifiable POD. Metadata include all delivery data, GPS co-ordinates and the satellite date and time.

With POD being digital, it is immediately available to both distribution staff and the customer.

Communication with the warehouse


Data such as delivery information to the driver is available immediately, with information on actual stock picked and checked against orders in the warehouse management process. With this state-of-the-art digital mobility, route information is communicated together with detail of deliveries and collections. Drivers have no stress, with all information being available electronically.


This mobile service supports accurate and controlled debriefing process. Information on all stock on the vehicle is communicated to staff in the warehouse, prior to the vehicle being offloaded. Any returns, damages or packaging is received in a controlled manner and errors are eliminated.

For more information on delivery and reverse logistics management (DRM), contact CQuential.

Deliver & Reverse Logistics Management (DRM)

Activity taking place between the warehouse and the customer, in the supply chain, is an operational area that creates a number of challenges. Vehicle tracking systems achieve a certain level of driver and vehicle management however, they do not address the interaction between the driver and the customer and the driver and the warehouse.

Benefits of a Mobile Solution

Operational efficiency

The mobile module creates operational efficiencies by capturing data at source, away from base, while constantly being online.

Here are the key benefits that result from this

  • Removes the information gap that exists whilst your operational staff are on the road
  • Enforces delivery processes and guides your mobile staff, step-by-step process execution, through a predefined workflow during operations
  • Records all activities in order to manage processes and staff more effectively
  • Information, like PODs, are communicated to back end systems within seconds after being captured 

Process compliance

It is important that delivery staff complies with all processes during delivery, collection and hand-over operations, thereby avoiding errors, inevitably result in time consuming queries. Our mobile solution is designed to guide operators, step by step, through pre-defined workflows. All documents, declarations, codes and scans are completed at the delivery point to avoid missing information.

Fast, efficient, accurate data receipt

The mobile device, used by the driver, communicates delivery/collection requirements, confirms delivery/collection activities via scanning and records customer receipt confirmations using a sign-on-glass facility. The applications provide operators with standard reason codes for exceptions and returns, which are communicated to the WMS and can be used for effective analyses. Proof of delivery, POD, information is electronically recorded, stored and communicated with relevant parties within seconds of the operation taking place.

Provides visibility of progress and predictability of service

All operations, during the delivery/collection cycle, are recorded at the time the event takes place.

A typical delivery cycle includes:

Confirm arrival  Confirm that delivery can take place  Record delivery/collection  Customer acceptance  Departure

The date and time of each activity is recorded providing management with vital information for planning and improving efficiencies.

Managing drivers and operators

The accurate data collected by the mobility module provides information related to the delivery process, dwell times between deliveries as well as exceptions during the debriefing of vehicles when returns and undelivered product are transferred to the warehouse.

Revenue protection

The mobile solution ensures that “Clean Data” is electronically communicated and accessible to all required staff. This facilitates alerts to any anomalies and quick resolution of queries, which in turn supports a reduction in Debtor days and supports a quicker cash-to-cash cycle.