Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Software

CQuential’s WMS Delivers Next-Generation Cloud-Based Applications for Businesses

CQuential introduces an innovative cloud-based warehouse management software to optimise and drive supply chain management. Having being the first company in South Africa to develop and offer cloud-based WMS, CQuential offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the logistics industry.

This state-of-the-art inventory management software is already being used by companies such as Famous Brands, Plascon and KNR Flatrock. CQuential’s infinitely scalable traits offer warehouse management software from large and complex, to small and simple warehouses – which can range from single to multi-site environments. The CQuential cloud-based solution breaks the barriers of geographical locations, providing a collaborative environment across multiple company IT platforms. This deployment model, “in the cloud”, means that as a customer you always have access to the system and to the latest improvements.

Best-in-class logistics IT assists business logistics managers boost supply chain performance as well as customer service with fast, efficient digital applications, while reducing overall logistics costs.

CQuential’s WMS provides cutting-edge technology and best practices for receiving, storing, maintaining, planning, picking, checking and dispatching. Additional modules of this dynamic cloud-based solution extend beyond the 4 walls of the warehouse into supplier collaboration,  delivery and reverse logistics management, tracking and monitoring of all inventory at any given time and enhanced communication between buyers, suppliers and customers.

CQuential has developed and owns pioneering inventory software to keep control of supply chain management. CQuential’s mission is “To provide an affordable and collaborative environment for effective inventory management across the supply chain”.

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