KNR Flatrock Success With Cquential

KNR Flatrock Logo

CQuential successfully implemented their innovative cloud-based warehouse management software at KNR Flatrock in Sandton, Johannesburg.

KNR specialises in the distribution of branded cellualr and consumer electric accessories to the retail market. This establishment’s main focus is the mobile phone market and they are an official partner of all Blackberry and Samsung accessory products in Sub-Saharan Africa. Other brands that are being distributed by KNR Flatrock include Capdase, Case-Mate, HMDX and iHome to mention a few.

Having roughly 1000 square metres of warehouse space, along with over 60 staff contributing to the distribution and logistics of the warehouse, the large volumes of inventory moving through this space was becoming uncontrollable. This was when CQuential was called in.

A business case for a system implementation was done, and found that KNR Flatrock were dispatching approximately 100 orders a day, with an order turnaround time of between 24-72 hours and a staff compliment of over 30 people in the warehouse. Orders were taking too long to dispatch and too many errors were occuring. The warehouse operated on two shifts in an attempt to  meet their customers delivery expectations.

In August 2011, CQuential’s plan of action kicked off, with the goal of regulating and controlling distribution throughout the warehouse, in the quickest time possible.

3 months later, KNR Flatrock was able to dispatch in excess of 300 orders per day and give customers a 24 hour delivery time and in some cases same day delivery. This all happened without increasing head count, and we were able to move back to working on a single shift basis.  The returns process was streamlined, stock takes became more accurated and was completed in half the time it took previously. Inventory adjustments were also reduced and turnover grew as a result of the gained efficiencies.

Chris Laforte, the Warehouse Manager of KNR is of the opinion that the implementation of CQuential is the best thing that they could have done for the business. “We improved customer service, reduced complaints and reduced losses due to better controls. We have also seen an increase in turnover at the same time. This would have been impossible without an automated system.”