Why Cquential?

In a world where “Top Line Growth” is coming under increasing pressure, where the costs of energy, transportation and labour are often the difference between making a profit or a loss, businesses the world over are looking to optimise their supply chains to fundamentally improve bottom line results.


  • Improving Profitability
  • Exceeding your customers’ needs and delivering on service expectations
  • Competing in a world where your customer value proposition is always under threat
  • Holding the right levels of inventory in the appropriate locations
  • Optimising your transport fleet, saving fuel, saving time and ensuring full utilisation of available capacity
  • Organising and sequencing your processes and workflow to achieve optimal efficiencies
  • Reducing staff costs and improving operator efficiencies


  • Cquential is Infinitely Scalable from large and complex to small and simple warehouses, across a single site or many sites and over broad geographies.
  • Unique Warehouse requirements – not all warehouses are the same. The Cquential solution is capable of managing a huge variety of processes by industry and is influenced by the important value and cost drivers particular to your business
  • Another contributing factor to fast deployment is the fact that we have no significant infrastructure to deploy on site. Other than a few screens, communication links and mobile devices for your operators, most of the system resides in our state of the art Data Centre.
  • Our team of experienced supply chain consultants will map your processes and requirements to optimally configure the system to meet your needs.
  • Our implementation methodology is designed for rapid deployment. The focus is on reducing the costs of conventional service models.
  • Return on Investment is outstanding! The efficiencies and savings you achieve will pay for the system in no time.
  • Our deployment model, “in the cloud”, means that as a customer you always have access to the system and to the latest improvements.
  • Integration to your existing systems is achieved by either using our Integration Portal Technology or our standard ERP Adaptors. Harmonizing your systems environment is a fundamental requirement of any successful WMS implementation.